“Varasada is an Art Rock band from Finsterwalde, Germany. Rain is a good equivalent to describe their music. Like raindrops are merging into puddles the band melts many motifs, riffs and melodies together to form one big flowing soundscape. Varasada incorporates all different kinds of rain. For one moment they sound like warm and soft drizzling rain and then all of a sudden like a thunderstorm. Or like rain during a sunset with a rainbow that quickly changes to dull and cloudy weather and back again.

They started to make music together in 2015. Just six months later they recorded their debut ‘Flamingo Future’ in a single night which was released in 2016. The same year, the Honduran violinist Paola Erazo moved to Germany to become a part of the band that consists of Mattes Nusche (voc/guit), Johannes Müller (keys), Marcel Hartnick (bass) and Friedrich Körner (drums). Recently the band is working on their sophomore album.”